Video Conference LEFA Video Conference

System Description

 The video conference system is a comprehensive platform of multimedia communication for government and enterprises. Rich application provides users with communication experience beyond traditional way, such as remote video audio conference, stuff training, command and dispatch, cooperative working, etc.

System diagram

Main Products above are…

  • Video conference host (MCU )
  • HD Video Conference Terminal
  • HD video conference Omnidirectional microphone
  • Active Wall Mount Speaker 
  • Interactive white board
  • Led Screen
  • Led Display

System Features

1)  Using tech. of cloud-based

The single machine supports 160 users to join, and MCU concatenation can reach 1000 users.

Multiple MCU can be combined into a variety of cascading modes, including a tree cascade and a network cascade. The composition: "pool", in this MCU pool, resources can be shared and scheduled, and can be backed up.

In the MCU resource pool, as long as 1 MCU runs properly, the whole meeting will run normally.


2)  Excellent video experience

To achieve industrial leading standard of 1080P/60

3)  Super low bandwidth

Only need 2M for 1080P/60; 1M for 1080P/30; 512K for 720P; So it’s cost-effective